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We often get asked “What makes you different?” We want you to know exactly what sets us apart when you make your decision to work with us.

First we want to provide you with knowledge so you are informed to make the right decision. It is most important that you trust who you will be hiring but more importantly who will be installing your product. Over 90% of installations fail from installation errors and less than 10% are related to product failure. We want you to have the confidence that you have selected not only the right company with the best products, but the right person that will do your installation right the first time. Yes, our hands are calais and our work boots are worn but you will see right through that and tell our hearts are genuine and we know what it takes to do your job properly. You will begin to have confidence knowing your consultant is also your installer. This leads to so many positives for you as the stake holder in the investment for this project.

It would be detrimental to find out your coating could not be installed after you took off work, prepared the area by moving everything out, only to find out a commission sales associate did not have the experience to know the floor could not be properly installed. You may have been left with an employee at your home, upset because someone set expectations that could not be met, and in return you are the person put out the most. Our certified installers will explain their installation process and obtain information to complete a needs assessment to provide you with a solution that meets your needs. This ensures we meet your exact goals and make sure we are going to be delivering exactly what you are envisioning. In just 30 minutes, your new garage will begin to take shape as we show you the different flooring options. Your garage upgrade is an investment in your home, which is why we want to make absolutely certain that your investment pays off. We believe that you deserve to have a clear picture of what the final outcome will be before you make the final decision to work with us.

We work according to your time constraints and schedule. Our team takes pride in our customers watching their space quickly transform in front of their eyes! We are fast, efficient and able to get your entire project finished in JUST ONE DAY.

We believe in quality above all else. We work only with the best manufacturers available, the finest materials, and only use the highest certified, skilled professionals. To see these differences first hand, reach out to us today for a free, no obligation consultation. We look forward to working with you.

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