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Finance The Floor You Will Love Today! Our Guarantee is that you will be 100% satisfied with your completed project or we don’t collect a dime.

Why do we this? Simple... If we can’t provide you with the solutions to meet your needs with a high-quality product, and a great experience. We didn't provide value. The exchange of payment for services rendered has to bring value and that is what we promise to do every time.

Our manufacturer’s warranty guarantees that our Penntek Industrial Coatings products will not yellow or fade due to UV rays for the lifetime of the original purchaser. Your floor coating will not chip, peel, separate or delaminate from its properly installed and prepared, vertical or horizontal, interior or exterior surface for the life of the floor after installation to the original purchaser.

How much do your coatings cost?

Because we offer a wide variety of coatings we are able to help design and a coating to fit most budgets. Because of the different requirements of every project and the wide variety of coatings, we offer free estimates and can provide you with an exact cost for the particular coating you desire at the time of the estimate.

Are your coatings slippery when wet?

Our top selling 100% flake coverage floor coating has an orange peel texture, which provides slip-resistance surface. We add a silica sand to all exterior projects top coat to enhance the slip resistant property.

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