Your 1 Day Floor

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There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to garage flooring, so we customize our products to suit your unique tastes and requirements. Choose from a range of attractive colors for your one-day floor coating, and rest assured that the final results will combine the high-quality and functionality you need with the added value and visual appeal that you deserve. As an industry leader in floor coatings, our products come with numerous advantages and features that include:

Preparation & Grinding - Your 1 Day Floor

Preparation & Grinding

Preparation includes shot blasting and/or diamond grinding. Dust is minimized by having all grinders hooked up to vacuum systems. 

Concrete Restoration - Your 1 Day Floor

Concrete Restoration

Menders and Fillers are used to fix pits and cracks before the process begins. 

Base Coat & Chip - Your 1 Day Floor

Base Coat & Chip

Our 100% solids, self-priming pure Polyurea basecoat is mixed and applied. 

Immediately after the basecoat application, the chip is generously broadcast by hand, providing both color and texture to the floor.

Setup Time - Your 1 Day Floor

Setup Time

Setup times are typically within one (1) hour after application. 

Scraping Floor - Your 1 Day Floor


Once the basecoat is fully cured the floor is scraped and vacuumed to remove any loose or vertical standing flakes. 

Polyaspartic Clear Coat - Your 1 Day Floor

Top Coat

The final step is to roll out the UV stable Polyaspartic clear coat. 

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