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Installing these beautiful floor coverings, we’ve been able to develop a unique, highly optimized, uniform process. There is nothing more important to us than the quality of the work we perform and the satisfaction of our clients. As a result, we hire not only the highest skilled but the friendliness installers to serve our customers. Our entire staff is certified.

Lee Baker – Owner

Lee Baker


Lee has been in the construction industry since 1995. He specialized in residential remodeling and restoration of homes from fire and water. He founded Restoration With Design; Designing and building residential remodeling and restoration projects. Many of his existing clients would ask him about floor coatings for their garage floors.

One day, he and his wife visited the Remodeling and Deck Expo where he was introduced to the coatings industry. Shortly after, Lee and his wife became the dealers of the Dayton and Cincinnati area. This expansion created the re branding of the floor coating portion of their business to

Lee and his wife together have 5 children from 8 to 21 years old. They enjoy camping, swimming and just being together as a family. They attend Medway Church and enjoy meeting new people and entertaining friends and family.

He has a great joy and passion for his craft and everything it has taught him over the years. It is his desire that you see that when you meet with him to find the best solution to meet your needs.

Austin Sherwood - Certified Installer

Austin Sherwood

Certified Installer

Austin is a college student studying Mechanical Engineering at Sinclair Community College. He has worked at Your1DayFloor when company was founded and has learned so much in the time that he’s been here. He is truly appreciative of the opportunity to work alongside Lee and for the companies flexibility with his school schedule. 

As a certified crew leader Austin says the most rewarding part of the job is to see the customer’s reaction to their new floor at the end of the day, everyday.

When Austin is not busy working or at school, he enjoys spending time outside, whether it’s kayaking, fishing, working on old cars, traveling, or taking pictures. He likes to spend his weekends at the lake and camping. He also enjoys playing basketball and spending time with his friends, family, and his two dogs. His family is everything to him and he is very thankful for them.

Kevin Goble - Certified Installer

Kevin Goble

Certified Installer

Kevin is one of the nicest gentlemen you will ever get the chance to meet. Being from Kentucky and raised well to respect everyone he is an employee we receive raving compliments about time and time again.

He is a Certified Installer leading a crew and happy to meet with you at a show or event or in person to explain Our Process and provide you with a quote in person. You will see the expression and his dedication to his craft when you provide him the opportunity to discuss it.

His favorite thing About working at Your1DayFloor is the ability to give customers a great floor and to see their smiles at the end of each day.

Kevin is happily married to his wife, Patricia. Together they have two children, Chris and Chloe, and a dog named Lucy. Kevin loves spending time with his family, watching movies together.

Kevin has recently purchased a new home for him and his family and is excited for this opportunity to fix it up to have a wonderful home for his family.

Brandon Scott - Certified Installer

Brandon Scott

Certified Installer

Brandon is a father of four children and a sibling of three. He was born and raised in Commodore, PA. He started working right out of high school; his first job was a Rig Hand in the Natural Gas field. He then moved to Ohio for better opportunities at the age of twenty. Brandon has worked a variety of jobs in the home improvement industry over the years. He enjoys working with this hands and most of all, seeing the final outcome of a hard days work.

When he heard Your1DayFloor was looking to hire, he then inquired about the job with no direct prior experience. Brandon was then brought in to see the normal workflow here at Your1DayFloor and is now a Certified Installer leading a crew. He enjoys the work he does, he takes his job very seriously, and is always striving to better himself. He is always looking forward to meeting our customers and to insure their needs are met. 

Josh Smith - Certified Installer

Josh Smith

Certified Installer

Josh went to school to become an Auto Body Technician. I always enjoyed working with my hands to be creative when I learned about the job and all the job had to offer at Your1DayFloor, I knew it was for me, and has loved working here ever since. He enjoys the fact that it’s never the same thing every day and that he gets to travel and meet new people. Josh is a husband and a father. In his downtime, he enjoys building cars, going to car shows, and going to races.

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